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Word Check In

How are all of us LJ addicts and frantic novelists doing? I'm new to NaNo and I'm new to this community. I thought I would make this a more active place to procrastinate in.

How many words do you have? How many years have you been doing NaNo? What has been the hardest thing about NaNo so far? Describe your favourite character in your novel so far.

I'll go first. I'm Sophie and I'm from vancouver, BC. THis is my first year doing NaNo, and I'm a bit behind, at 3,500 words. I'm finding it hard to find places to write. There are too many distractions at home, yet when I write at a coffee place or something I have to write by hand because I have no laptop. My favourite character in my novel is Sam. He is a 27 year old bicycle courier with a laid back attitude. He's pretty healthy, goes jogging every day, trying to cut back on wheat and dairy. He likes Italian food and Guinness, which are his two vices on the road to health. He's going bald and is very very insecure about that, so he has shaved his head. I think I'm in love with him. :)

Now you go.!
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